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European Route of Brick Gothic Architecture
A Baltic discovery tour

A family explore the ruins of a Brick Gothic abbey

The European Route of Brick Gothic Architecture, one of the newest tourist routes in Germany, was launched in June 2004. It links the history and culture of seven Baltic-coast countries and runs for around 2,500 kilometres across northern Europe - from Sweden to Estonia via Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The route allows visitors to get to know individual towns in the different states and to discover the brick Gothic architecture which they all have in common. The red-brick buildings on this route are all unique constructions with their own individual history. Each individual brick was made and laid by hand. Richly decorated façades and towering spires are unmissable landmarks in the towns and cities. Many of these buildings are still used for their original purpose; others are now home to concert halls and museums.

The Church of St. Nicolas in Wismar overlooking the town

In many countries, brick Gothic style is closely associated with the Hanseatic era. For three centuries, life and commerce in the Baltic region - the focus of medieval European trade - was dominated by the Hanseatic League. Today the extent of Hanseatic power and prosperity can still be appreciated in the form of historical abbeys, town halls, imposing city gates, ramparts and impressive churches and cathedrals - monuments that still symbolise the spiritual and secular strength of the Middle Ages. Red brick architecture is still very characteristic of many townscapes along the Baltic coast.

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    Brick Gothic architecture, history, countryside

Highlights in brief

  • Germany
  • Lüneburg
    St. Michael's Church, saltworks
  • Lübeck
    Holsten Gate, museum harbour
  • North-West Mecklenburg
    Church near Klütz and Grevesmühlen
  • Wismar
    Church of St. Nicholas
  • Rostock
    Cultural history museum, Holy Cross Convent
  • Stralsund
    Town Hall
  • Rügen
    Altenkirchen village church
  • Greifswald
    "Markt 11" coffee house
  • Neubrandenburg
    Stargard gate
  • Denmark - Aarhus
    Cathedral, Haderslev
  • Sweden - Ystad
    Grabröda abbey
  • Poland - Szczecin
    Cathedral of St. Jacob, Gdansk
    St. Mary's Church
  • Lithuania - Vilnius
    St Anne's Church
  • Latvia - Riga
  • Estonia - Tartu